Partner Program Basic Concept

We connect you with 30 Men and/or Women based upon your playing region and skill level. Player start to communicate with each other and find times to either play a match or just hit around. Compared to a Tennis League Network league, the Partner Program is less structured (there are fewer guidelines on playing schedules) and non competitive (for example, there are no champions crowned and no league standings). The program just provides dedicated tennis partners who want to meet up with you on the courts. The Partner Program remains open as long as the weather is good enough to play outdoor tennis. This is not a doubles program. This program shuts down in cold weather cities for the winter.

Where to Play?

We now geo-locate players which means you should receive partners closer to your preferred playing preference. Nevertheless, the league strongly suggests that players jointly choose a tennis court convenient to both players. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts for each area, including details such as # of courts, lighting, hitting walls, etc. New for 2009, members can submit court ratings on the overall condition, surface, lighting quality, facility management, and general comments regarding specific courts. This will provide players with up-to-date court information on new and existing courts. We encourage members to keep this list fresh and up-to-date.

Target Audience

The Partner Program is for all level players. We encourage beginners to play in the Partner Program first prior to playing in a league. We track the results of the Partner Program and may make skill rating adjustments based upon scores if necessary. This process ensures fun, well-matched tennis partners for players of all levels.

Incentive to Play

Tennis League Network's goal is to be an active tennis community. Any player that plays 3 or more of the partners in the program will get another month of service at no cost.

Cost to Participate

The cost could be up to $9 per month depending upon the number of players in the program. In some *NEW* cities the program has no cost as we are trying to build the dedicated tennis playing community. For details on your city please just refer to the homepage.

Join Today!

Just go to the Homepage and let us know you're interested and we hope to open a new community in your city in the near future. Sign Up